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New technologies to enhance your production process

We are your partner to help you bringing new ideas and technologies to the market. We focus on innovative designs and products for chemical and pharmaceutical productions processes with improved efficiency and energy management. This is possible thanks to our network of partners and providers with innovative solutions (like additive manufacturing, sensors, monitoring solutions, continuous flow chemistry, biomimicry...). 

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We help to find the best technology for the problem you are trying to solve through a wide network of partners at industrial and academic levels. We are specialized in additive manufacturing for industrial applications, materials chemistry, chemical processes and energy management, sensors, biosinspired solutions...   

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Market study

We support you in the identification of the market fit for technological applications with hands-on approach to quickly identify the best strategy. We can also provide advices on the readiness of your technology. 

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We develop a independent laboratory to create the first prototype to rapidly validate your concept (Le Micro Lab). This first prototype will help you to validate your concept and to identify a relevant traction market.